Marco is a fun-loving dinosaur who loves to explore and try new things. He has his own YouTube channel for kids and adults who never really grew up.

Marco The Dinosaur’s Greatest Adventures :

View some of Marco the Dinosaur’s greatest adventures.  After sampling these great videos head over to  Marco’s Youtube Channel and subscribe.  Only cool people wanted.

Adventures in Legoland

ABC Aquarium Challenge

Halloween Hunting

Art Of The Brick

Remembering Green Meadows Petting Farm


Marco The Dinosaur

Meet Marco The Dinosaur! He is so excited about the world, join him on his awesome adventures!

He will be doing lots of different things on his channel like:          “Dinosaur Adventures” “Marco’s Munchies” and other fun sketches! (We are just starting, but soon every segment of the show will be up and available for your viewing pleasure)

So if you know a Dinosaur-Loving kid, grand-kid, or you are secretly a kid hiding in an adult body-Subscribe to my channel!

Here is a link to check out Marco’s channel:

Marco The Dinosaur channel

Marco Merch

Marco The Dinosaur

Marco The Dinosaur will soon have “Marco Merch” available for all his adoring fans. Things like t-shirts, books, and other cool stuff. For now, you will just have to dream about it…


Marco The Dinosaur

While Marco loves to make  Youtube videos, he also likes to post funny things on social media as well, Follow Marco The Dinosaur on:

Facebook: Marco The Dinosaur

Instagram: Marco The Dinosaur